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The role of Faculty Quality Assurance Cell (FQAC) is to serve as a hub at faculty level to support CQA to review and monitor quality parameters as prescribed by the University to submit recommendations to uplift the status of the Faculty based on stakeholder feedbacks, public surveys statistics and other information to prepare the Faculty for program reviews conducted by the UGC and implementation of their recommendations.

Message from the Chairperson

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences & Technology was established in 2017 while adhering to the UGC circular. The founder chairperson of the IQAC is Dr. UAD Jayasinghe and he served for nearly seven years continuously. Monitoring and implementation of Quality Assurance activities have been practiced by the IQAC. Accordingly, the faculty has initiated to analyse of the results of the course units and displayed them on MIS to discuss the distribution of marks for each course unit, The curriculum map for the degree programmes has been developed, and the use of bloom taxonomy action verbs in past papers was analysed and at last but not least the programme review of the degree programme of Bachelor of Science Honours in Fisheries and Marine Sciences was successfully completed in June 2022 while obtaining a Good grade B (70- 79). The future challenges for the enhancement of quality of the degree programmes have been identified and working towards a successful future. Prof HB Asanthi Chairperson IQAC

About Us

We are at the top of the 'FMST' mountain, overseeing how 'Academic Program' river curving through the valley of 'Best Practices and Standards', and interfering where necessary with control structures of 'Quality Guidelines' to shape up the river until it reaches the ocean of 'Quality Graduates'. history should be there as a separate page

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