Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences & Technology is located at Wellamadama premises of University of Ruhuna in Matara, (in between Dondra and Matara town, near to the southern cost).It opens weekdays from 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM

FMST offers two degree programs
1. BSc Honours in Fisheries and Marine Sciences
2. BSc Honours in Marine and Freshwater Sciences

Each degree program has two specialization areas as stated bellow.
    BSc Honours in Fisheries and Marine Sciences Degree
        • Aquaculture
        • Fisheries
    BSc Honours in Marine and Freshwater Sciences Degree
        • Limnology and Water Technology
        • Oceanography and Marine Geology

No, there is no any selection test. Students are selected by the University Grant Commission (UGC) based on the Z-score of the Advanced Level examination.

Entire degree program is conducted in the English medium.

This is a four year degree program, and you have to follow lectures and practical classes for first seven semesters, and you have to conduct your own research project at the final semester. Also two months industrial training is compulsory at the final semester.

Usually, transfers are possible before starting academic program and this process is handled by the UGC. For more information please refer UGC.

Usually you receive hostel facilities based on distance to your residence except for 2nd year. However, appeals and exceptional cases are to be considered and the process is handled by the student affairs branch of the University.

Our graduates work in both government and private sector. Some of the places where our graduates are working include Central Environment Authority (CEA), National Aquaculture Development Authority (NAQDA), National Aquatic Resources Development Agency (NARA), Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA), state universities, Ministry of education, Ministry of Fisheries, National Water Supply and Driangae Board, Richard Peiris Pvt ltd, etc. More detail of graduates is available in the website.

At the moment there is no option for chemistry specialization, but you can follow chemistry courses at each level of the study program.

Please contact the Deans office of the Faculty. For more information on contact details please visit Contact Information on Faculty Website.

Majority of our graduates continue their higher studies either in local institutes including FMST or in foreign universities. Our students are pursuing many prestigious scholarships for their postgraduate studies in countries such as UK, Japan, USA, Sweden, China Korea, Taiwan etc. Also, the Faculty has signed MoU with Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Sun Yat Sen University Taiwan, and Norway etc for facilitating post graduate studies. For more information on scholarship recipients, please visit Achievements of Student in the Faculty Website.

It is not possible to conduct this degree program while doing a job, as 80% of the attendance (for both lectures and practical) is compulsory.

At present students are recruited only through the process of UGC.

Fisheries and

Department of Fisheries & Aquaculture is one of the three Departments within the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences & Technology, which conducts the courses related to all fields

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Limnology and
Water Technology

Department of Limnology and Water Technology is one of the three departments in the faculty that conducts graduate & undergraduate courses and research in the

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Oceanography and
Marine Geology

Department of Oceanography and Marine Geology is a multidisciplinary department dedicated to discover and disseminate knowledge on coastal zones, oceans, ocean

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We Are

" National centre of excellence for fisheries and marine sciences "


Our vision is to be the centre of excellence for fisheries and marine sciences & technology education in Sri Lanka, to produce scholars to help the country's economic development through sustainable utilization of fish and other inland & marine aquatic resources.


In pursuit of its vision Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences & Technology will strive to produce outstanding internationally accredited graduates in the fields of Fisheries, Aquaculture, Oceanography & Limnology who are innovate, analytical, adaptable, with capabilities of life-long learning and research, dedicated to community service and are capable of building international collaborations, to contribute to the advancement of scholarship and the enrichment of education, socioeconomics, environment and resources of the country with special reference to fisheries and aquatic resources & environments.


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