• IFDLC 2019

Free style group dancing category - 2nd Runners up    

Literature Winners

  • Creative Writing : ”Mahatma in 100 Words” Tamil medium, 2nd place
    • Mr. P Kamalarasah
  • Poetry : Sinhala medium, first place
    • "Eth kanda lihiniya" by Miss. A W A S N Kumari
  • Free Verses : Sinhala medium
    • 2nd place: "Awanaduwa" by Miss. Ruwini Lakmali Karangoda
    • 3rd place: "Yakada dolia" by Miss. AWASN Kumari
  • Free Verses : Tamil medium, 2nd place
    • "Vekkaiyum vaanum" (The heat and the sky) by Mr. Thambipillai Tishan
  • Free Verses : English medium, 2nd place
    • "Bareness" Miss. Varshani Brabaharan
  • Short Stories : Tamil medium
    • 1st Place: "Michchakasi" (The balance money) by Mr. Thambipilai Thishan
    • 2nd place: "Naan Irukkiren" by Mr. T Vinith Steeban
    • 3rd place "Ilakkam" 21/iv (Numbaer 21/iv) by Mr. Thambipilai Thishan
  • Short film
    • "Treasure of Udarata" by Mr. M W S N Thilakarathne

  • IFDLC 2018

Literature Winners

  • Poems : English medium, 1st place
    • Mr. M D M Faazil
  • Short Story : English medium, 1st place
    • Mr. M W S N Thilakaratnna
  • Short Story : Tamil medium, 1st place
    • Mr. T Vinith Steeban
  • Novels : Tamil medium, 1st place
    • Miss. Lawrance Shibora

  • IFDLC 2017

Free style group dancing category - Champion


  • IFDLC 2016

Traditional group dancing category - 3rd Place


Literature Winners

  • Short Story : Sinhala medium, 1st place
    • Miss. T H P L Hewage
  • Free Verse : Sinhala medium, 1st place
    • Miss. A A M D Rasanjalee

  • IFDLC 2014

Solo dancing category - 2nd Place


Traditional group dancing category - 3rd Place


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" National centre of excellence for fisheries and marine sciences "


To be the centre of excellence for Fisheries Science, Marine Science and Water Technology education and research in Sri Lanka.


To produce outstanding, internationally accredited graduates in the fields of Fisheries, Aquaculture, Limnology, Water Technology, Oceanography and Marine Geology.


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* Webinar "තිරසාර සංවර්ධනයක් උදෙසා ධීවර සහ ජලජීවී වගාවේ නවෝත්පාදන ප්‍රවේශය organized by the Alumni Association of the FMST.
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To me,FMST is the ideal place to study about the Marine Sciences in Sri Lanka.FMST helped me grow and excel as a student,all the while nurturing my love for the ocean, backed by some of the best academics in this field.

S K Edirisinghe

Being selected as a student of FMST is the major turning point in my life. Within the premises of FMST, I was provided with myriads of opportunities to explore new horizons and to build up my personality. This is the perfect place to grab the knowledge about Fisheries and Marine Sciences. All academics & extracurricular activities not only widened my knowledge, but also heightened my passion for my future career.

R M K S Gimhani

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