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Dean’s office of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences & Technology offers numerous services to students and act as a source of information for other interested parties. The Dean’s office handles student registration, student recruitment and transfer & deals with legal aspects and coordinates all the departments in order of smooth continuation of Faculty’s duties. The web addition of the Dean's office is designed to minimize workload traffic while downloading forms and applications, viewing examination results and obtaining academic schedules, time tables and lecture notes etc;


Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences & Technology (FMST), a unique Faculty in government university system in Sri Lanka has been established in 2005, identifying the needs of research and education in the sector of Fisheries and Marine sciences and Aquatic resources' development in the country. Faculty consist of three academic Departments; Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Department of Limnology and Water Technology, and the Department of Oceanography and Marine Geology. The Faculty take great pride in the high quality of our teaching and research. Faculty of FMST has the capacity to admit about 110 students annually and currently offers two honours degree programmes, B.Sc.Hons in Fisheries and Marine Sciences and B.Sc.Hons in Marine and Freshwater Sciences. The first batch of students was enrolled for the B.Sc.Hons in Fisheries and Marine Sciences in 2006, while first batch of students from both biological and physical sciences backgrounds to the recently introduced B.Sc.Hons in Marine and Freshwater Sciences Degree programme was admitted in 2017.

Three academic Departments have collectively formulated curriculums for both degree programs and are conducting research with the vision of being the centre of excellence in fisheries and marine sciences education and research in Sri Lanka to produce scholars to cater the country. The Faculty use creative and innovative teaching approaches to make subject delivery alive to the students. Our courses are designed to allow the students acquire skills in laboratory techniques, field work, problem solving and skills in team work, leadership and effective communication to meet the needs of the country. Our Degree programmes are highly regarded in the world over and provide excellent career opportunities, nationally and internationally. In addition to serving various sectors in the country, a significant number of our graduates are enrolled in postgraduate studies in most prestigious Universities in the world. Academics of the Faculty are also engaged in high quality research and investigations, while being deeply dedicated to undergraduate teaching. Some have won international recognition, prestigious national or international awards and research grants. Research excellence that the academics have achieved not only contributes to raise Faculty profile and afford students an opportunity to engage in cutting edge research projects. Some undergraduates work individually with academics of the Faculty in independent studies and research projects. Currently, over 15 students are carrying out postgraduate programs in the Faculty and annually over 15 graduates received international postgraduate opportunities through the international collaborations with the Faculty.

We Are

" National centre of excellence for fisheries and marine sciences "


To be the centre of excellence for Fisheries Science, Marine Science and Water Technology education and research in Sri Lanka.


To produce outstanding, internationally accredited graduates in the fields of Fisheries, Aquaculture, Limnology, Water Technology, Oceanography and Marine Geology.


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* Webinar "තිරසාර සංවර්ධනයක් උදෙසා ධීවර සහ ජලජීවී වගාවේ නවෝත්පාදන ප්‍රවේශය organized by the Alumni Association of the FMST.
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* Online Lecture Series 11 organized by the Cultural Center.
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* Message from the Vice Chancellor [Read More]




To me,FMST is the ideal place to study about the Marine Sciences in Sri Lanka.FMST helped me grow and excel as a student,all the while nurturing my love for the ocean, backed by some of the best academics in this field.

S K Edirisinghe

My journey started as a bio student. But I late found out I was more passionate about software engineering. I got selected to the FMST amidst my revelation. Though in mind I knew it was impossible to do a math-based subject as a bio student , something within these premises changed me. Now I'm a proud inventor, a software designer passionate to contribute to our country all because of the guiding light of the FMST.

V Brabaharan

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